The Vacuum therapy is a therapeutical method which uses the effect of the vacuum in the body by combining the improvement of the tissue microcirculation with an anti-inflammatory and detoxing action.


The vacuum application combined with the stimulation currents are carried out using vacuum electrodes. Such electrodes are connected through pipes to a suction pump which causes a negative pressure inside the electrodes: during this action, the high depression requires a great quantity of blood (hyperemia), thereby improving the therapy effect through the different stimulation currents.

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You can find the description of the Basic Line, Plus Line and Excellent Line in the dedicated section.



The vacuum therapy consists in applying an inner tube to a body part, in which a depression is created and afterwards a compression to stimulate the venous and lymphatic circulation: this causes a suction effect which increases the blood afflux in the involved area, stimulating the circulation and the oxygenation, and accelerating the turnover of substances and the elimination of toxins.


In the peripheral tissues the oxygen levels increase substantially and the carbon dioxide decreases: by improving the blood flow the exchange activity in the capillaries is favored and by accelerating the blood flow the venous stasis which is the main cause of various veins and venous insufficiency.


Such therapy is useful for treating all forms of vascular diseases affecting the legs:

  • Arteriosclerosis of lower limbs
  • Burger
  • Raynaud


And all forms of venous and/or lymphatic insufficiency, such as:

  • Swollen legs
  • Lymphedema
  • Phlebolymphedema
  • Cellulitis

Electromedical devices - Excellent Line

Electromedical devices - Excellent Line

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