Parallel bars system designed for adults: the variable height range set between cm 74 to 102.

The modular parallel bars Plus Line are characterized by the innovative STandGOSystem™ for simultaneous and precise adjustment of the handrails on the two sides, which keeps them perfectly parallel by means of a single control that requires minimum effort to be operated.



Parallel bars standgo height adjustment



The foot control activates gas springs for continuous movement, thus ensuring maximum precision and uniform adjustment, which can be millimetric or, in any event, extremely precise and can be quickly carried out even during rehabilitation exercise. The handrails can also be adjusted in width. Handrail width adjustment.


Parallel bars plus line details

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The modularity of the parallel bar systems in the Plus Line allows the patient to be involved and motivated when ambulating, leaving the therapist more time to dedicate to observing and evaluating functional improvements during the exercise. Therefore, the therapist can concentrate - especially in the case of subjects with extremely compromised neuro-motor characteristics - on continuously correcting gestures, rate, angles and the kinematic mechanism while the patient ambulates, until the most correct motor pattern is obtained.


esempio di composizione


This image illustrates an example of modularity by combining two 3-meter long and one 2-meter long parallel bars, thus obtaining an 8-meter long walkpath.


  1. Detail of the limit switch element for the parallel bar glider.
  2. The parallel modules can be joined without any fixings being required. Simply remove the access ramp. A parallel course of the required length can be created.
  3. Limit bar to assist the user with changing the walking direction, and extending the therapeutic – rehabilitation course.


accessibility from seated position


  1. When making height adjustments, also check the translation of the parallel bars. The dynamic of this function allow the user to comfortably place his/her forearms on the handrails while remaining seated, without having to be transferred onto the main footboard (photo 1) by wheelchair.
  2. In this manner, the patient can apply he levers and effort available for his/her natural verticalization while supported by the "STandGO System"™, and reduce the necessary for assistance from the therapist (photo 2).


adjusting the parallel bars height supporting locomotion and rehabilitation activity


The parallel bars in the Plus Line allow carrying out step training by optimizing patient locomotion as a result of the simple and immediate adjustment system for height and width, with adaptation to the motor pattern that will be developed.


During the initial phase, maximum support is ensured to the upper limbs (photo 1); then the handrail height is progresssively reduced until the user's hands just brush them (photo 2) or don't touch them at all.


In this manner, the parallel bars will not be an obstacle for correct posture by the user when ambulation during functional recovery.


parallele plus caratteristiche geometriche


The geometrical features of the parallel bars in the Plus Line allow covering anthropometric measures of an ample population by simply and immediately adapting themselves to both adults as well as children.


In addition, the adjustment system allows immediately lowering the height of the handrails when the patient is able to withstand a greater load of his/her body weight.


Returning to a seated position by the patient is facilitated by the immediate and precise adjustments of the parallel bars, which allows positioning the handrails at suitable height precisely for carrying out this movement.


Therefore, patient without necessarily having to accompany the user out of the parallel bar system.

Returning to a seated position by parallel bars adjustment


parallel bars testimonial

“I feel that the simultaneous movement of the translation and the adjustment of the handrails for height provide greater safety both when standing up as well as when sitting down and less physical effort is required. The system also facilitates the physical therapist’s work”.

Daniele, 30 years old - Udine

testimonial parallel bars

“These parallel bars allow the physical therapist to minimize wasted energy within the area of working process ergonomics.”

Dr. Marsilio Saccavini, Director of the Integrated Department for Geriatrics and Rehabilitation, Hospital University Center, Parma (Italy)


Brochure - Depliant Parallel Bars for rehabilitation

PDF 617.11 KB

Parallel Bars 3 Mt. - Plus Line

StandGo System - Evolution Walking in Rehabilitation

Parallel Bars 3 Mt. - Plus Line

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