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The ALUX line is made up of professional couches for massage, manipulations, SPA and beauty treatments. The structure has a double telescopic columns electrically driven by two motors, which facilitates the therapy procedures through positions such as "trendelenburg" (tilt plane of +30°) and "anti-trendelenburg" (tilt plane of -30°). This line of electrical tables stands out for its wide configuration possibilities, allowing the professional to customize it upon his comfort, design and features needs.



The height adjustment on the couch is electrical and ranges from 53 cm to 93 cm, and is controlled by a hand switch and an optional push button on the base frame.

The head section is 72 cm long and acts as a backrest. It can easily be adjusted to a positive angle of up to +70° and a negative angle of up to -30° using an ergonomic control on the couch frame and a gas spring.

The head section is provided with a breathing hole and its plug.

These couches can be put in a Trendelenburg and counter-Trendelenburg position +/-30°.

The maximum safe working load (SWL) is 180 kg.

There is a choice of 24 colours for the upholstery. Posture cushions of various shapes and sizes can also be requested, to be used with the couch and with the same colour upholstery.



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