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The underwater and whirling massage is used for massaging the whole body as well as specific targeted areas by applying a water stream both through the water jets and a jet nozzle with hose.

This type of massage has mechanical and thermal effects: a suitable temperature of the bath and water jets eases muscle tension. The water jet pressure helps warm up the muscles, which has a positive effect on the neural and metabolic system.

This type of massage is used in the treatment of post-traumatic situations, injured muscles and ligaments, insufficient peripheral blood circulation, ischialgia, spastic and atonic poliomyelitis, and obesity.

All the tubs described in this section are made using the special antibacterial material Ionpure. By gradually releasing silver ions, a powerful antimicrobial agent, Ionpure inhibits the growth of bacteria and molds which cause surface odors, stains and deterioration. This product is efficient also in acidic or alkaline environment. Ionpure is a tested and safe product.


Brochure - Hydrotherapy

Bathtubs for hydrotherapy - Ocean series - VOD 56 tub - Hubbard bathtub - Lastura Profi Tub - Lastura bathtub - Bathtubs for electro-galvanic treatments - Electra CG tub - Electra 4-cell bath - Accessories - Water recirculation system - Anti-scaling system - Magnetotherapy - Chromotherapy - Back and leg support - Bubble grid - Steps - Stools - Jet nozzle - Summary | Edition February 2021 Copyright Chinesport spa - Italy, 16 pages; 1st edition, English version.
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Ocean De LUxe - Underwater massage tub

Ocean De LUxe - Underwater massage tub

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