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Experts know that healthy posture is a prerequisite for healthy movement. Physicians and therapists agree that improving global posture is the key to successful injury prevention and improving overall function. Poor posture leads to acute, trauma injuries or more chronic, overuse and degenerative disorders. Successful, fast and efficient treatment therefore relies a great deal on correctly and precisely assessing global posture in order to be able to decide on the correct therapeutic action using the Global Posture Systems Therapeutic Pathways.


Injuries to the upper limbs - in particular in the shoulder, elbows and wrists - account for the majority of time out of action. These injuries are very common both in active athletes in overhead sports, and  in work-related environments with heavy overhead lifting and forced postures. Poor posture and consequently the inability to provide adequate stability for the upper limbs to transfer loads and forces are a common mechanism of injury. Less efficient movement and stability, and disturbed transmission of forces lead to underperformance and overuse. Global posture analysis leads to a deeper understanding of these mechanisms and provides the clinician with more information and insights for the clinical reasoning process. More comprehensive therapeutic plans can thus be developed.


In this workshop we focus solely on the upper limbs. We discuss mechanisms of injury, patho-anatomy, and introduce how we can improve injury prevention and management through global posture analysis. We will teach you how to assess upper limb alignment in relation to global posture, take appropriate preventive measures and how to more effectively treat you using the GPs Therapeutic Pathways approach. You will see assessment and diagnosis, activation and strengthening exercises and myofascial release techniques. Our goal is to help you manage your patient's injury risk and treatments more effectively and efficiently.


This workshop is part of the Healthy Posture for Healthy Movement advanced course modules. In these modules we introduce treatment techniques and concepts for various postural deviations, disorders and injuries within a Global Posture Systems approach. They are intended for those who have experience measuring and analysing posture using global posture systems postural labs.

Three advanced course modules are available; upper extremities, the spine and lower extremities. Course content is evidence-based and incorporates the many years of practical experience and know how of many experts in their particular field of therapy. 


9 - 10 JUNE 2017  - Healthy Posture for Healthy Movement ADVANCED 1 - Lower extremity

29 - 30 SEPTEMBER 2017 - Healthy Posture for Healthy Movement ADVANCED 2 - Upper extremity

17 - 18 NOVEMBER 2017 - Healthy Posture for Healthy Movement ADVANCED 3 – Spine and pelvis


Chinesport SpA - Via Croazia, 2 - 33100 Udine - Italy 






We review incidence and prevalence of common disorders and injuries to the upper extremities and common treatment protocols. We briefly review the most common Global Posture System measurements and their normal values.




Shoulder position, sagittal plane analysis

  • Common deviations
  • Potential mechanisms
  • Review of involved anatomy
  • Forward shoulders and shoulder impingement disorders; prevention and treatment strategies
  • Graded strengthening exercises
  • Graded stretching exercises




Shoulder alignment, frontal plane analysis

  • Common deviations
  • Potential mechanisms
  • Review of involved anatomy
  • Scapular diskynesis; associated injury risks and treatment strategies
  • The overhead athlete
  • Graded strengthening exercises
  • Graded stretching exercises



Stef Harley

Stef is an international speaker on posture reeducation and assessment, injury prevention and human performance. In his own private practice he treats a wide variety of patients using the Global Posture Systems Therapeutic Pathways principles. Among his patients are many professional athletes, world and olympic champions. Stef obtained his Masters degree in Rehabilitation Sciences and Physiotherapy from the Vrije Universiteit Brussel in Belgium


BASIC Course

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