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Examination couches with electric height adjustment or by gas piston.


Examination, physical therapy, osteopathy and gynecology multipurpose tables. Shorter head section provides greater flexibility for manipulation treatments


Therapy couches suitable for use in limited spaces due to the absence of lateral movement of the segments when adjusting the height.


Professional examination, treatment and manipulation tables. Double motorisation allows therapists to effortlessly place patients in countless myofascial release stretching postures.
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Products: 14
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Large size professional tables. The size and stability characteristics mean they are suitable for neurological treatments.


Range of multi-functional tables for examination and for specific treatments, such as podiatry, gynecology, urology and echo doppler investigations.


Professional table line dedicated to massage and beauty treatments. Double telescopic columns facilitates the therapy procedures. Wide configuration possibilities for comfort, design and features.


Basic metal tables, for medical examinations and massage treatments. A variety of widths of segments and structure height provide maximum flexibility of choice for specific treatments.
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Products: 13


Basic wooden tables for examination and visit. Available with fixed or adjustable height, breathing hole and different adjustable sections allowing great flexibility of use.


Portable, folding couches and tables for mobile therapy, massage and beauty treatments. These exam tables are lightweight and can be folded and be carried easily.


Medical exam stools for medical office and hospital environments. Ergonomic and configurable stools for specific professional needs are available as well as the simple design range stools.


A wide range of cushions made from polystyrene micro-size particles, ideal for the postural positioning in the prevention of bedsores.
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Medical office furniture items for medical environments, with a wide range of complements and accessories: stools, chairs, office chairs, service trolleys and foot-steps.
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Product codes explained


The product code for Chinesport height-adjustable treatment tables is an “open code” that varies depending on the choice of various options available for each model. Each code position has a particular meaning, which corresponds with one or more features of the table.
It is also worth remembering that our Research & Development department is continually developing new options and accessories to achieve table configurations that increasingly meet the professionals’ individual requirements.



With an experience spanning over several decades, Chinesport offers a range of height-adjustable treatment tables for various uses and with different structural characteristics. Our offering covers various options including tables for examination, transfer, physical therapy, manipulation, specific treatment and massage. The frame is always sturdy, stable, with all rotary joints such as levers and hinges running on self-lubricating bushings to preserve them from wear and stop them creaking during movement. Finally, the base is open at the sides to allow for fitting hoisting equipment or medical equipment trolleys with overall dimensions up to 18 cm.

visit line 

This is the classic range of examination and treatment tables consisting mainly of two sections, with a 68 cm-long head section that can be used as a backrest. The backrest can have positive and negative tilt adjustment: up to +70°/-20°. Height is adjusted via one of the most reliable motors available on the market. A hydraulic version is also available as an alternative. The frame is unique for its simplicity and harmonious design, which is protected by registered Community design. Some of our tables are also available with larger wheels so they can be used to transport patients. This configuration can be completed by fitting a set of safety siderails.

ther line 

A major difference from the VISIT range is given by the head section length which is only 52 cm. For this reason, it cannot be used as a backrest, but it can be fitted with armrests to provide greater comfort for the patient when in prone position. These tables were developed for physiotherapy, osteopathy or for the so-called “Global Postural Re-education” method, and they can be configured with up to six sections to achieve different postural positions for the patient. There is also a model that can be arranged in a seated position for particular use in gynecology. Another difference from the VISIT range is that the head section has a greater tilt adjustment, i.e. positive tilt up to +85° and negative tilt up to -35°, plus the nose/mouth breathing hole is standard.

unix line 

This range is an alternative to the classic ranges called VISIT and THER used for examinations, treatments and physiotherapy. In particular, the distinguishing feature in these tables is that during height adjustment the individual sections remain completely motionless. This makes them particularly suitable for smaller environments or to make the best use of available space, as well as to maintain the position chosen for exercises once the pulley therapy system has been set up. You can opt for a simplified base frame and configure the head section with a backrest that is 68 cm long, instead of a smaller section, 52 cm long,  that can come with armrests. The second type of head section can have positive and negative tilt adjustment: up to +85°/ -35°.

sinthesi line 

Our Sinthesi couches allow therapists to effortlessly place patients in countless myofascial stretching postures that can be easily maintained for longer periods of time and without strain. In this relaxed position, various techniques can be applied to facilitate recovery in myofascial elongation, increase joint movement range and achieve an antalgic posture as a relief from acute pain. Also, our Sinthesi tables provide the ideal starting position for exercises that stimulate central activation and for isometric muscular work.

bobath line 

Large physical therapy tables that are up to two meters long and have a surface area measuring four square meters. The size and stability characteristics mean they are suitable for neurological treatments, as patients can be guided through a wide range of exercises and sensory experiences, as well as postural adjustments.  This range also includes the models used in the unique C.I.R. - Continued Intensive Rehabilitation method. Finally, a special version also allows for use with static supine exercises without having to move a patient to a rehabilitation gym.

test line 

This is a range of multi-functional tables for examination and for specific treatments. In particular, they can be used in podiatry, gynecology, urology, cardiology, geriatrics, beauty, phlebotomy or even to transport patients within care facilities. The table height can be adjusted electrically or via hydraulic piston, while the moving sections are servo-assisted by gas spring. In some versions, the seating section is tilt-adjustable via another motor. As a result, these tables can easily change into a seated, relaxation, Trendelenburg and anti-Trendelenburg position even with the patient lying on the table. Finally, specialized accessories are available to suit individual uses.

alux line 

With this range, Chinesport is branching out into beauty, spa and massage tables for the first time, and introduces some additional optional features such as the sections heated at three different temperatures and the synthetic leather upholstery that covers the sides to produce a softer padding effect on the contact surface. Among other noteworthy options, there is a possibility to choose a led lights configuration for combining chromotherapy effects, and even when there is only one option of section width or padding density/thickness clients can request personalized features and options.
These tables have two motors, so they can achieve the Trendelenburg and anti-Trendelenburg position via a dual telescopic column system.

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Chapter - 01 - THERAPY TABLES - International Edition 2016/2017
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