MotoLife® is born with the objective of improving the lifestyle quality, the health state and the psycho-physical wellbeing of all the people who have a physical or neurological impairment of the lower and upper limbs. Therefore, it is of great help for the functional recovery or for the prevention and revert of the complications strictly related to the problems of mobility impairment and immobility.

It is adequate for home use or in clinics, medical Studios or at therapy centers for exercising the upper and lower limbs.

Benefits of the movement therapy with the use of a motorized cycle-ergometer are widely treated in several international papers. They deal mainly with the prevention or revert of the complications which are directly linked to the lack of movement and mobility and especially with the reduction of muscle spasticity, the revert of muscle atrophy caused by immobility, the increase of specific peripheral circulation and the improvement or maintenance of the joint mobility and the slow-down of the clinical picture of neurological pathologies such as a stroke, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease, etc.


MOTOLIFE is ideal for users affected by palsy or limited mobility of the legs or arms, caused by:

  • Neurological pathologies such as brain stroke, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease, post-polio syndrome, traumatic brain injury, infantile cerebral palsy, cerebral palsy, spina bifida, paraplegia or tetraplegia;
  • Orthopedic pathologies such as rheumatism, ostheoarthritis, total knee or hip endoprosthesis, injuries involving the knee ligament;
  • Metabolism pathologies and of the cardiovascular system (e.g. arteriosclerosis, diabetes mellitus type 2, high blood pressure, PVD, osteoporosis);
  • Further therapy for patients under hemodialysis, patients affected by chronic obstructed pulmonary disease or patients with low physical strength in general;
  • Circulatory problems at the legs and in the internal organs;
  • Geriatric conditions or other problems which lead to the reduction of the movement capacity.


Prevent, reduce and lessen the consequences of the problems related to the loss or limit of mobility especially:

  • Avoid muscle weakness
  • Reinforce muscles as they are
  • Reduction of pain
  • Recovery of muscle tone
  • Keep and improve mobility
  • Activate or stabilize circulation
  • Increase resistance
  • Improve cognition and perception
  • Improve symmetry


In the case there is no residual motorial activity for the lower limbs, MotoLife® allows to perform passive pedalling movement, in which the feet and the legs are pulled by the motor at a speed previously set (passive kinesitherapy). When used for the upper limbs, in the case there is no residual motorial activity, MotoLife® allows to move passively the arms in a cyclic way.


Whenever the user is capable of pedalling, even weakly, by using his or her own force, the motor offers assistance to start and maintain the motion at the pre-set speed (assisted movement). If the user is capable of going over the speed of the motor and keep a pedalling by himself or herself MotoLife® may make resistance and it can be adjusted in order to increase the work of the muscles and improve the cardiopulmonary efficiency (active kinesitherapy).Passing from one mode to the other can happen automatically: the on-board computer checks in real time and continuously the force exerted on the pedals or on the handgrips by the user and it adjusts the level of assistance o resistance of the motor accordingly.

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The software is multi-user type, and it allows to create, modify and delete different accounts. The settings are stored for each user in a database and they can be recalled when a given account is selected. The account stores the settings of the therapy, both for legs and arms. It also keeps a record of all the training sessions for each account.

  • The buttons Start/Stop of the therapy have great visibility, they can be easily interpreted and they are easy to reach, both by the patient and by the carer.
  • MotoLife® is easy to use at home due to its friendly interface with simple and big buttons, large and colorful pictograms/icons and a very bright display.
  • The setting panel for adjusting the details of the therapy and for setting the safety parameters (e.g. spasticity control) are easily accessible and easy to interpret.
  • The software has been projected in order to be easy to use and with the objective of involving the user in such a way as to keep him or her focused on the training and feels well looked after at all times. The colorful interface and the detailed information, as well as the games, keep a high ratio of interest by the users of MotoLife®.

Easy data analysis

By inserting a USB memory drive in the port on the right of the display it is possible to export the data in a text file, in comma separated values (CSV). Such information can be easily imported into an excel file to study the results.


Play-therapy: three different play-therapies with a biofeedback are present to improve the involvement of the patient, increasing his or her commitment, during the treatment.

The game related to the pedalling speed shows a ride along a city street. According to the speed of the pedalling the ride becomes faster or slower.

The first game related to symmetry requires balancing a tray and allows the user to be directly involved in the improvement of the balance between both limbs.

The second game is related to the symmetry and it is represented by two colored bars. It improves the involvement of the patient to improve the symmetry of the pedalling.


Brochure - MotoLife - passive, assistive, active training

Printed in January 2018; 36 pages; English 1st edition.

PDF 5.83 MB

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