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FISIOTEK 300 TS performs the same functions as model 3000 GS (code XRI001) but with the option of programming the parameters for the rehabilitation of the ankle.


It allows the passive mobilization of the knee, ankle and hip. This equipment runs on a direct current motor which transmits motion to a worm screw, while the motor itself is controlled by a circuit board with microprocessor. On the outside, there are a fixed keypad, which is used to program each function, and a floating keypad.


The equipment aims for the recovery of mobility in the joints of the lower limbs through the passive mobilization of the limb itself.


Fisiotek 3000 TS has a mobile memory card, which is a card containing a microchip. Equipment settings are stored on this card, which can also be used to enter patient data manually. A patient's individual memory card is also used to store the initial and final data entered for each rehabilitation session.

At the following session, the equipment can be set automatically by inserting the individual memory card.


You can also use one single memory card for several patients, but in this case you need to program the various equipment functions each time.





Knee and hip mobilization

Ankle mobilization

Use of Memory Card

Speed control (flexion/extension)

Workout duration control


Automatic extension increase

Automatic flexion increase

Pause during extension

Pause during flexion

Warm Up cycles

Knee movement range: 0° ÷ 110°

Ankle movement range: 20° ÷ 0° ÷ 40°

Hip movement range: -7° ÷ 115°

Automatic extension increase limit

Automatic flexion increase limit

Repetitions at extension limit

Repetitions at flexion limit



Accessory For Limbs Smaller Than 72 Cm

Rehabilitation exercises are possible for 61 – 72 cm long limbs with a 0° - 110° range .

Fisiotek Trolley

Simple and functional, fi tted with non-slip supports for Fisiotek anda service shelf.

Floating Keypad

With its graphic, user-friendly display, this keypad allows for the equipment to be fully programmed with great simplicity. The graphic symbols provided are ...
Technical Spec.

Technical Spec.

Net weight:
14 Kg
Gross weight:
17 Kg
Packaging Dimensions (LxLxH):
103 x 38 x 38 h cm
Power supply:
90 ÷ 250 V - 50 ÷ 60 Hz
Electrical safety:
Class I BS EN 60601-1
Electromagnetic compatibility:
Group 1 BS EN 60601-1-2
as per EEC Directive 93/42 Class IIa




Code Repertoire:

Weight, size and volume

Weight, size and volume (+/- 10%)
N° Package Package type Dimension Weight Volume
1 SCATOLA cm 100 x 40 x 40 h kg 16 mc 0.16


XRI004 - User and maintenance manual

User and Maintenance Manual
Language: Italian
PDF 1.74 MB
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XRI004 - User and maintenance manual

User and Maintenance Manual
Language: English
PDF 1.69 MB
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XRI004 - Declaration of Conformity

Declaration of conformity
Language: English/Italian
PDF 500.88 KB
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